Please come and visit us at Grand Café de Stal. We are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We also offer take-away and delivery services!

Taste the connection!

Welcome to Grand Café de Stal. We are located at the centre of Leiden Bio Science Park. This is no coincidence. ‘Stal’ is Dutch for ‘stable’. Once our venue was inhabited by Herman, the world's first genetically modified bull. Herman now stays at our neighbors, the Naturalis museum. And his stable has become a meeting place and 'living room' for everyone who works, researches or studies in the park.

But De Stal is also a place of opportunities. De Stal is a successful part of DZB Leiden, the reintegration organisation for the Leiden region. We offer job seekers a workplace where they can work and learn at the same time. They receive extra guidance from our mentors and at the same time learn more about the hospitality services. Upon completion of this program, they receive a nationally recognized mbo practical certificate. This often allows them to start work immediately. Isn't that great?

Sustainable & Fresh

We work with local parties who provide us with fresh, sustainable products daily. For example, we prepare our dishes with organic eggs from chickens from DZB Leiden's Ecotuin. We also use vegetables from this garden as much as possible. Our coffee is from Lagranta, which selects the best certified beans from the best coffee plantations and sources them directly from the country of origin. Without middlemen, fair to the farmers. Cheese we buy from farmers located in the region (Groene Hart). The flavorful, pure, naturally cloudy fruit juice from family-owned Schulp comes from Breukelen.

Our menu is no-waste based. We strive to minimize food waste by carefully matching and sourcing our ingredients.

A great place for your business meetings.

Our packages

Party, meeting, presentation, conference, convention, seminar, lecture, training, company outing, wedding or workshop: we make it all possible for you with the same dose of commitment and fun.

Would you like to combine a meeting, training or presentation with a meal? That's no problem at all! Based on your food and dietary requirements, we will provide a lunch or dinner that perfectly suits your get-together.

With its unique location and special history, De Stal is an excellent place for a reception. Small and larger parties will find comfortable accommodations. Inside we can accommodate 150 people, with the terrace accommodating another 120. Smaller parties, for example for a birthday or anniversary, we offer a private room overlooking the waterfront terrace and the park.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday - 09:00 - 17:00

Grand Café De Stal is a popular place for drinks and is regularly booked for private functions. Please contact us to make reservations and check availability before arrival.
Grand Café De Stal is part of DZB Leiden, the reintegration company of the municipality of Leiden.

Darwinweg 1
2333 CR Leiden

071 523 0580